Hair transplants are surgical procedures that must be performed by a qualified doctor.

Capilia Science


Over the last 15 years, our doctors have developed experience, sharpening their hair transplanting expertise while performing thousands of successful operations. Skilled and meticulous – they’re among the best in the industry.

Our ultra-modern operating rooms in Quebec and Ontario are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.

Our Infinity program offers total and complete support for a safe procedure and rigorous follow-up.

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Why trust Capilia for your hair transplant?

Our qualified capillary expert team will be there for you, from your very first consultation to your first haircut.

The qualifications, skills and experience of the surgical team allows them to create thicker hair by strategically positioning the follicular units according to their size, angle, and density.

What is the Infinity program?

A complete program, offered exclusively by members of the Capilia group, to accompany you before, during, and after your micro folding hair transplant.

During your first visit to Capilia, we’ll assess the cause of your hair loss and evaluate your donor site. We’ll want to understand your expectations according to your age, facial structure and desired appearance. We’ll then establish your transplant plan and provide detailed explanations regarding the procedure.

The day of the transplant, you’ll meet the medical team, undergo surgery and receive all the answers to your questions and concerns. No worries, you’ll be accompanied all the way through.

It’s important to us that our patients be completely satisfied with the results, and healing properly. After the transplant, we’ll check up on you to ensure you’re doing well.

Our approach

Each of our centers offers a wide range of care suited to their clients' hair loss situations. We combine a long expertise, the most advanced technology as well as the most complete programs in the field. It’s our constant concern for the health and satisfaction of our customers, combined with Capilia methodology, that guarantee the effectiveness of our cares.

Consultation and examination

As part of a medical treatment, the first consultation and examination of the file are conducted by a Capilia physician to ensure the patient’s state of health and eligibility for treatment. He will question you to understand your situation, your history, and answer all your queries.

At this meeting, the specialist will ensure that this treatment meets your expectations and will take the time to inform you regarding other possibilities.

Treatment Plan

When the patient has made his decision, following the information provided and the confirmation of his eligibility, his doctor will present a treatment plan focused on the desired results.

This plan may include a program of several sessions or the use of a complementary treatment, such as laser therapy or taking supplements.


During your medical appointment, your doctor and his team will proceed with the treatment according to the terms established in the program. The application of the treatment can be done in several stages depending on the patient’s condition, the area to be covered and the doctor’s recommendations.

Plan Follow-up

Depending on the program you have planned with your doctor, you’ll be accompanied throughout the process to ensure that you’re responding well to the treatment and that you’re fully satisfied.

Your Capilia doctor can then continue your program or revise your treatment if needed. He’ll always be available to answer your questions between treatments. In addition, you’ll have access to a center nearby to continue complementary care that does not require medical supervision.

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