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There’s a lot of information out there and we want to help you better understand it all. Our blog features articles that explain hair health and trichology, as well as explore health issues frequently linked to the hair or scalp. In addition, you’ll find beauty and styling tips to always look your best.


Corrective Measures for Hair Loss: 4 innovations that change everything!

31 May 2021 |

To correct hair loss, these innovations are essential! Hair loss affects a lot of people […]

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Understanding hair transplant in 3 points

29 April 2021 |

Everything there is to know about a hair transplant As hair health specialists, we are […]

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Haircare : Spring mode on!

4 March 2021 |

It’s time to say goodbye to winter Yes, there is still snow outside, but the […]

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After 20 years we have found answers

"Tonight, I'm having a big heartache, because after 20 years we have found answers and solutions to my itchy scalp problem."


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Can hair loss in women be reversible?

Hair loss can be a concern for many, and though losing your hair can be temporary, it’s often a sign of scalp disorder, and a condition that requires action to be stabilized. For cases involving chemotherapy, pregnancy, ...

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Stimulate your hair growth with Capillus

Laser therapy is a clinically proven solution to thinning hair. Capillus laser caps promote hair growth and amplify hair density thanks to laser diodes that activate the blood circulation in the scalp.

Capillus has demonstrated a 95% success rate of hair regrowth over a 17-week period.

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Capilia St-Hyacinthe is expanding

Owner Jeannot Jafrate is currently completing renovations that include a new wig showroom and a private room for Scalp Micropigmentation. Book an appointment now to enjoy their new facilities and meet an experienced trichologist.

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Soothing formula for oily and irritated scalp.

- Soothe irritated scalp

- Gives a fresh and cooling sensation on the scalp thanks to eucalyptus oil and Chinese mint

- Provides silky and smooth hair


Prevention that makes me feel confident

I originally discovered Capilia products thanks to a friend and, even though I didn’t have hair issues, I decided to pay them a visit and see if I was on the right track with my personal care. The director of the center welcomed me and graciously answered all my questions. Since then, I have a simple hair care routine that involves natural, super effective products. The only downside? My boyfriend now steals my shampoo!


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