Soin pureté

Treatments tailored for this season

With school starting over, the routine sets in quickly and the hectic pace often takes over. However, it is important to set aside time to take care of yourself and to regain your calm.

At Capilia, September rhymes with scalp care. You have to think about providing it with care to calm the aggressions of summer (heat, sunburn, irritation, etc.) and the beginning of autumn is the ideal time to give your scalp the attention needed. Just as you wouldn’t neglect your dental appointments or even your seasonal facial, your scalp and hair deserve to be treated frequently. By incorporating this type of appointment into your personal routine, you take control of your well-being and ensure a close follow-up, which leads to the desired results.

Feeling good in your head… and on it too!

Seasonal treatments are great opportunities to book an appointment to pamper yourself and relax. Beyond the well-being provided, there are many advantages to visiting your Capilia center regularly for targeted care. Here are the ones you will notice with the Hydration bath treatment:

• Sebum regulation

• Deep hydration

• Soothing irritation

• Optimization of hair growth

Finally, what is good to remember is that your hair and scalp need care and follow-ups, which will also allow your shampoos and other care products at home to be even more efficient!

If you have any questions about seasonal care or would like to discuss your hair concerns, a free consultation at Capilia could be of benefit to you. A Capilia expert will be happy to assist you in your process.