Capilia centers are hair and scalp health experts, providing trichological care as well as hair loss prevention, hair loss control and advanced solutions for hair loss correction. Specialists at each of our centers have the knowledge and facilities to provide specialized hair and scalp care plus, depending of the center, more specialized procedures such as laser therapy, PRP treatments or micropigmentation.

Associate members of the Capilia family, these businesses offer our hair health program to treat various scalp conditions, in addition to providing preventive care for hair loss.


Our preventive care treats various ailments of the scalp, including dandruff, itching, psoriasis, or eczema.

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Hair transplant

Surgical capillary corrections performed by a health professional in the context of a transplant of follicular or micro-follicular units.

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Wigs and prosthesis

Service specializing in the selection and preparation of hair pieces varying in size and category.

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Hair correction

Non-surgical capillary corrections are offered as part of hair loss treatments to replace or restore hair fiber.

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PRP treatment

PRP treatment, also called platelet-rich plasma, involves extracting a small amount of blood from the patient to separate the enriched cells. Injected into the scalp, platelets stimulate the growth of new healthy hair.

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This treatment tattoos the scalp, point by point, with a needle the size of a follicle. The effect of micropigmentation is similar to that of hair fibers.

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If the treatment you are looking for is not in the list above, contact the center closest to you or contact our head office so that we can investigate from all our centres.

You can also fill out this form online to tell us about your situation and we will be pleased to follow up on your request.

Thank you for your trust.