Wigs have had a bad reputation but with today’s versions, you wouldn’t be able to notice the difference.

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During your first Capilia visit, we’ll evaluate your hair and understand your expectations: density, color, length, texture and style-wise. We’ll then help you select and try on replacement options adapted to your needs, budget and lifestyle. We’ll also discuss alternatives to wearing a hair prosthesis: hats, turbans, scarves, and more.

We’ll also talk about a transitional haircut that is often helpful to prepare for your hair loss. We’ll answer any and all questions and support you through this transition and all along your journey and treatment.


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What’s the difference between a wig and a capillary prosthesis?

While the two terms are often confused, there’s a subtle difference between these two capillary solutions. The wig is used in the case where all, or almost all, of the scalp is uncovered. The piece of hair will therefore be spread over the entire head.

The capillary prosthesis serves only to cover part of the scalp. The hair piece will be cut to fit the area we want to cover.

How is the hair prosthesis attached to the scalp?

The hair prosthesis used is the most advanced on the market. Its ultra-thin and skin-like membrane is securely attached to the scalp using a medical grade adhesive, where it becomes invisible and imperceptible to the eye and touch.

Your tools

– Hydrating

250 ml

Designed to restore the shine of colored or permed natural hair, and strengthens dehydrated and damaged hair Active ingredients and properties.


– Hydrating

250 ml

Designed to untangle and hydrate natural hair without adding weight. Helps repair damaged and split ends while balancing the PH level of the scalp.


– Finishing

250 ml

Designed to set hair styling while adding volume and shine. It protects against UVB rays and prevents hair oxydation.


Our approach

Each of our centers offers a wide range of treatments suited to their clients' hair loss situations. We combine extensive expertise, advanced technology, and the most complete monitoring and after-care programs in the field. Our deep and constant concern for the health and satisfaction of our customers, combined with Capilia methodology, guarantee the effectiveness of treatment and complete client satisfaction.

Consultation and examination

Thanks to a complete hair and scalp analysis, your Capilia trichology expert will assess and understand your situation. Carefully taking the time to ask all the necessary questions and provide all the answers you might need, your Capilia specialist will confidently advise and recommend—if a need is identified—the appropriate hair piece and products, that correspond to your current condition.

Hairpiece selection

During your consultation, your Capilia expert will help you choose the hair piece that best suits your needs, taking into account the color and texture of your hair fiber, as well as your budget. Differences between the products will be explained in detail so you can make an enlightened choice.

Your Capilia expert will then take the exact measurements of the area to be covered, then place the order for your personalized hairpiece.


Developed to remove residues and impurities from your hair and scalp, this deep cleansing treatment is available exclusively at Capilia centers. Created to help better prepare your hair and scalp to receive the new hairpiece, this treatment increases the overall efficiency of the procedure.

Applying your hair piece

After your deep cleaning, your Capilia expert will set the hair piece, closely following the manufacturer’s recommendations, while always ensuring your comfort.

Once it’s placed on the head, the hair piece is adjusted so it blends with your natural hair. This is achieved by trimming and/or coloring.

Following the plan

Your Capilia hair and scalp expert can then revise and adjust your treatment or continue the program, according to your needs. They’ll always be available to answer any questions that arise in between sessions.

Depending on the hairpiece selected, you can return to the salon for hair piece maintenance and continued comfort. Your Capilia expert will ensure your satisfaction and monitor your hair thinning or hair loss.

Further down the road, aside from maintaining your hair piece, Capilia can offer other models and offer you a complementary program to control thinning hair, if necessary. Your questions and concerns can always be addressed between sessions.

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