Were you aware that an oily scalp can potentially cause hair thinning and even long-term loss?

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For oily scalps, we recommend and use 100% natural ingredients that include camphor and eucalyptus oil, plus Chinese mint. Both soothing and cooling, these attributes help calm sebaceous glands.

Dry scalp is treated with 100% natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed cornstarch, B5 pro-vitamins and calendula oil. Our concentrates deeply hydrate specifically dry hair and scalp.


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Why do we have oily hair?

The problem originates from the scalp. You see, sebaceous glands sometimes release too much sebum, an oily substance called seborrhea that normally protects hair and skin. When this happens, the overabundance can cause gradual thinning of the hair and leave a greasy, unsightly texture.

Why is there itching?

Aside from thinning the hair and creating an oily texture, excessive sebum can also induce itching that stems from the irritation it causes with its acidity.

Treatment consists in soothing the sebaceous glands in order to regulate sebum production.

What is seborrheic dermatitis (seborrhea)?

Often from hereditary sources or due to an immune deficiency, seborrhea is an inflammation of the skin caused by dysregulation of the sebaceous glands. Red patches may form as well as abundant dandruff, causing itching and potential skin lesions.

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Your tools

– oily scalp

250 ml

Treatment designed to regulate the sebaceous glands, cleanse excess sebum and soothe the scalp.


– dry scalp

250 ml

Treatment that deeply hydrates the scalp, thanks to a concentrate of highly active emollients.


– oily scalp

90 ml

This rinse-free serum is designed to regulate the sebaceous glands and soothe the scalp.


– dry scalp

90 ml

This serum provides deep hydration for the scalp.


Our approach

Each of our centers offers a wide range of treatments allowing their clients to maintain or regain healthy hair and a healthy scalp. We combine extensive expertise, advanced technology, and the most complete monitoring and after-care programs in the field. Our deep and constant concern for the health and satisfaction of our customers, combined with Capilia methodology, guarantee the effectiveness of treatment and complete client satisfaction.

Consultation and examination

Thanks to a complete hair and scalp analysis, your Capilia expert will assess and understand your situation. Carefully taking the time to ask all the necessary questions and provide all the answers you might need, your Capilia specialist will confidently advise and recommend—if a need is identified—the appropriate Capilia treatment plan and products, that correspond to your current condition.


Treatment plan

Following the consultation, your Capilia expert will propose a treatment program that focuses on correcting the targeted situation and restoring optimal hair and scalp health.

This planning will allow you to follow your progress and adopt a daily health routine.

Deep Cleansing

Developed to remove residues and impurities from your hair and scalp, this deep cleansing treatment is available exclusively at Capilia centers. Created to help better prepare your hair and scalp so they can absorb the nutritious elements included in your home care program, this treatment increases overall efficiency of the program.


Depending on the care you need, your Capilia expert will carry out a measured application of the products, in accordance with a series of actions that apply to the condition of the scalp. The treatments can be combined with the use of tools such as therapy lasers or supplements, to optimize results.

Plan Follow-up

According to the program you’ve mapped out with your Capilia expert, you’ll be accompanied throughout the process to ensure proper functioning of the treatment, that you’re satisfied and that your head’s health is optimal.

Your Capilia hair and scalp expert can then revise and adjust your treatment or continue the program, according to your needs. They’ll always be available to answer any questions that arise in between sessions.

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