Increase your hair density in just 6 minutes a day in the comfort of your home.

Low-Level Laser therapy is specifically designed to stimulate hair growth in sparse area of ​​the scalp, counteract mild or intense hair loss, accelerate growth, and optimize the results of PRP injections therapy or hair transplants. It is a safe and effective solution that uses lasers with low levels of intensity to stimulate blood circulation nourishing the hair follicles. The laser treatment is clinically proven to stop hair loss in 93% of cases and reverse the hair thinning cycle in just 6 minutes a day at home. With this easy-to-use system, it’s possible to do your daily treatment anywhere, anytime.


How does laser therapy work?

The Capillus laser treatment reverses the natural process of hair thinning, which occurs as a result of miniaturization of the hair follicle over a long period of time, producing finer and finer hair until the follicle dies and stops producing hair. Laser therapy has been proven to be effective in energizing cells in the hair follicle, counteracting this process of miniaturization and reversing thinning.

This treatment is based on the biological effects of photostimulation on living organisms. Laser lights activate the cellular metabolism and blood circulation of the scalp, thereby stimulating growth and thickening the hair from the base to increase the hair density and vitality.
This is a 6 minute treatment a day. This hands-free battery activated therapy can be done daily where and when it fits into you routine.

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Our laser devices

Capillus 82

82 lasers diodes

• Coverage ++
• Decrease in hair loss in 3-6 months • Optimal results reached in 12 months
• 1 year manufacturer warranty
• 6 minutes a day

Capillus 202

202 lasers diodes

• Coverage +++
• Decrease in hair loss in 3-6 months • Optimal results reached in 6-8 months
• 2 year manufacturer warranty
• 6 minutes a day

Capillus 272

272 lasers diodes

• Coverage ++++
• Decrease in hair loss in 3 months • Optimal results reached in 4-5 months
• 3 year manufacturer warranty
• 6 minutes a day

Clinical Studies

In fact, the clinical study demonstrated that the Capillus laser therapy system, available in all Capilia centers, reduces hair loss in 100% of active participants in the study. The clinical study showed that the Capillus laser resulted in an average increase in hair regrowth of 51% over the initial level, with results ranging from an 11% to 189% increase over that of participants at the beginning of the 17 weeks trial. Many clinical trials have shown no known side effects due to laser treatment. It is a safe and effective treatment method.

Capilia Trichology Laser Therapy Synergy kit

This at-home hair care kit is designed specifically to optimize the results of laser therapy by cleaning the scalp of any residue to let in the laser light reach follicles more effectively while providing all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for hair growth.


Discover answers to all your questions!

If I want results faster, can I do more sessions?

The proposed protocol is the one that has proven to bring the best results.  There are nos studies to back better results by a longer or more frequent use of the system. It is recommended to use the laser therapy system as prescribed by its manufacturer.

Are there side effects?

Countless clinical trials have shown no known side-effects due to low light laser therapy. It is a safe and effective treatment method. Capillus and Igrow caps, available in all Capilia centers, are Santé Canada approved.

How long before we can see results?

Results may vary from patient to patient. If the protocol prescribed by the manufacturer is followed diligently, you will observe a decrease of hair loss a few months after beginning therapy.  Increase in hair density should be observed 4 months to a year after the start of the therapy depending on the coverage of the laser system used.

Can individuals with dark skin and dark hair use laser therapy?

Clinical studies suggest that low level laser therapy is equally effective on all hair and skin colors. In clinical trials, Capillus laser cap, available in all Capilia centres, has proven to increase hair density in average by 51% amongst study participants of various hair colors and skin color.

Can I combine laser therapy with other hair loss treatments?

Yes it is recommended to use the laser therapy combined with other treatments such as medication, suppléments, PRP injections, hair transplant, trichology or other to obtain optimal results. We recommend you consult with a Capilia expert to develop a personalized program that will combine the right solutions to meet your expectations.

Will keeping my hair short contribute to better results from the laser therapy?

No. For most individuals, cutting or trimming hair is not necessary. Laser light typically shines through individual strands of hair to easily reach the scalp beneath. Each individual being different, you could have this discussion with your Capilia expert depending on your hair type and expectations.

Is it safe to use laser therapy after a hair transplant?

Laser therapy can be used after a hair transplant to enhance results and stimulate hair regrowth. However, we recommend you consult your doctor before you do so.

Is laser therapy safe to use while during and after pregnancy?

Even if there are no known side-effect of laser therapy on female participants, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before use.  After delivery and breastfeeding period, laser therapy can be used safely to regain hair volume.