Everything there is to know about a hair transplant

As hair health specialists, we are able to offer many solutions to the multiple hair concerns of our customers. The fact remains that hair transplantation is the service that generates the majority of questions during our consultations. Here’s everything you need to know on the subject!

What is a hair transplant?

The technique behind hair transplantation involves extracting hair follicles (grafts) from an area of the scalp (the donor area) and grafting them into the sparse area for lasting correction of hair loss. It is the ideal solution for men and women who want to permanently solve thinning or hair loss.

Am I a good candidate?

If your hair loss is not caused by a temporary condition, your donor area is sufficiently dense, and your overall health is good, you could definitely benefit from a hair transplant!

Why have a hair transplant?

The transplant can reverse baldness and alopecia permanently. It gives a natural result, offers permanent hair rejuvenation while causing minimal or no side effects. It is a comfortable, safe and efficient procedure.

Take care of your hair health with a hair transplant

If you are interested in hair transplantation, we invite you to discuss it with a Capilia expert, who will answer your questions and choose the best process to achieve the desired results. For a free consultation on this subject, book an appointment now!