Wigs and prothesis

Our instant hair correction solutions allow you to regain the style and hair density you are looking for. Whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent, total or localized, we offer a wig or hairpiece that will help you create the look you have in mind.

Our wigs and instant
hair correction solutions

Non-surgical hair replacement are a flexible, natural-looking solution that add hair to thinning areas of the scalp or completely covers the head. There are several methods of attachment that adapt to your needs and your lifestyle.

Hair systems can be used to give more volume to your hair or replace hair that you have lost. This alternative can concretely meet the practical and aesthetic requirements of demanding individuals. Depending on your type of hair loss, it will be possible to choose your hair system from a wide variety of models. 

If you are dealing with diffuse or localized hair loss or just want more volume and want to remedy this situation instantly, naturally and conveniently, hair prosthesis and wigs are the perfect solution for you.


A wig can be a short term or long term solution, ideal for men and women living with alopecia, baldness or for those who lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments. Medically bonded or worn daily on the head, this solution fully covers the scalp to bring back the desired hairstyle.

Advantages of wigs:

  • Vast variety of hair lengths, colors and styles
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Natural and authentic look
  • Various models to fit any budget
  • Custom pieces available, when necessary

Hair systems

Hair systems are ideal for men and women living with hair loss. Bonded with medical adhesives, this solution is used to replace hair in a undetectable way. 

Advantages of hair systems: 

  • Covers bald areas instantly
  • Easy to maintain and style
  • Provides a natural, comfortable look and feel
  • Wide range of models available to fit your lifestyle
  • Custom pieces available, when necessary


While the use of extensions is an increasingly common practice from an aesthetic point of view, their use is also very popular for women with thinning hair. Fixed strand by strand to existing hair, this short-term solution is comfortable, virtually imperceptible and ensures optimal hair density instantly. 

Advantages of extensions:

  • Adds volume for a fuller looking hair
  • Provides more length
  • Wide variety of colors to give a natural look
  • Made of human hair


Toppers are a short or long-term solution, ideal for men and women with thinning hair. Applied to a specific area of the scalp, attachement methods will adapt to any lifestyle.

Advantages of toppers:

  • Adds volume to the hair
  • Instantly camouflages balding areas
  • Allows you to style your hair any way you desire
  • Provides a natural, comfortable look and feel
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Custom pieces available, when necessary


Sibelle is a network of stylists specially trained to help women and girls facing cancer cope with hair loss. Sibelle provides inspirational support before, during and after treatment, including accessories, makeup, hair care and hair replacement products, as well as seasonal collections especially for them.

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