A solution that can change everything

Brush off the image of old wigs and prosthetics that look anything but natural. The hair solutions that are now available to you are innovative, flexible and tailored to your situation as well as looking completely natural. Read on to find out more about our various solutions !

A minor… or major help factor

The wigs offered at Capilia allows you to either add extra hair in sparse areas or to completely cover the head. It is therefore a tailor-made solution to fight back hair loss according to your expectations. There are many ways to attach wigs to suit your needs and lifestyle. It can help restore volume to your hair or even replacing hair that you have lost. This solution is also adapted to the type of hair loss you are experiencing and meets your practical as well as aesthetic requirements.

This solution allows you to correct a given problem instantly, naturally and conveniently: it’s as if you had just gotten a perm at the hairdresser!

A small lexic of key solutions


Tied wick by wick to your existing hair, this comfortable short-term solution instantly makes you regain an optimal density

o A wide variety of colours 

o Made with real human hair

o Apperance of thicker hair 


The ideal solution for men and women with thinning hair. Volumizers are applied on a specific area on the top of the head

o Camouflages bald areas instantly 

o Allows you to style your hair as desired 

o Comfortable and gives a natural look

o Option to create a custom piece

Hair protheses

An ideal avenue for men and women whose scalp is partly balding. A prosthesis allows you to replace lost hair in an imperceptible way

o Covers the bald area instantly

o Easy to maintain and style

o Several models available to adapt to your lifestyle


This is a temporary or long term solution, ideal for men and women living with alopecia, baldness or who have undergone chemotherapy treatments.

o Fully covers the scalp 

o Adapts to the head for incomparable comfort 

o Natural look 

o Wide choice of colours, styles and textures 

o Option to create a custom piece

To help you choose the ideal solution for your needs, make an appointment for a free consultation with a Capilia expert by following the link. It’s even easier than going to the hairdresser!