Find out here the symptoms, causes and solutions for alopecia in men

A frustrating phenomenon for many, male alopecia, or more commonly known as baldness, must be taken care of quickly to minimize its progression.

What are the symptoms of baldness?

Each of us lose on average fifty hairs a day. With that in mind, if the loss suddenly becomes more abundant, we can start to consider if it’s the beginning of male pattern baldness. In the early stage, you will notice the presence of dandruff that comes off the scalp and gets itself lodged in your hair and on your shoulders. Then, the baldness will begin to reveal itself by a thinning of the hair. The line of hair at the temples recedes and, in most cases, we notice the presence of oily dandruff. This results in hair loss at the vertex and temples, and, in some cases, a practically bare skull.

Why is this happening to me?

Mostly androgenic, therefore hereditary, baldness comes from a specific enzyme that transforms testosterone into hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which disrupts the life cycle of hair. It causes the miniaturization of the hair follicles.

Although mainly genetic, it can also be caused by the following life hazards:


-Seasonal changes


-Psychotic shocks

-Food deficiencies

How to cure it?

The success of a treatment in trichology (the study of hair) lies in the expert advice and evaluation of a Capilia professional. Indeed, we invite you to make an appointment for a free consultation to get a better idea of what your situation is.

The Capilia solutions are as follows:

-The Capilia Trichology routine at home

In the comfort of your own bathroom, the Density Control Kit is easy to adopt. It will help normalize the hair cycle and naturally counteract the harmful effects of the hormone DHT.

– Home laser therapy

6 minutes of daily usage is enough to boost hair density and help regain your hair capital. In the form of an helmet (yes, yes!) your treatment will go almost incognito!

-Trichology treatments in the salon

With the help of our range of PRO + highly concentrated products with 100% natural active ingredients, the care administered in the salon is provided by Capilia technicians using exclusively professional products and techniques. The goal? Free your scalp and hair of harmful residues while stimulating growth factors and improving hair density.

– Hair transplant

The hair transplant technique consists of extracting the hair follicles, called grafts, from the donor’s scalp and grafting them into the sparse areas where baldness is more prominent. The Capilia Medical team has developed a technique to create an appearance of more abundant hair using the same number of grafts.

If hair loss is affecting your quality of life, it’s time to act. It’s easier to fight the hair loss early than to regrow it, so don’t wait. Get in touch with us now!