Capilia’s Comfort Program

Because you should never have to experience hair loss alone after chemotherapy treatments, Capilia offers the Comfort program to accompany you, with softness and solutions. Capilia Brossard’s wig shop is the largest on the South Shore of Montreal. In a private room that can accommodate a group of people, the client can have a fitting session in complete intimacy with her entourage, if so desired. In this blog post, we explain in detail the Comfort program before, during and after treatments.

Step 1 – You have just learned that you will temporarily lose your hair following chemotherapy treatments.

During your first visit at Capilia, a consultant will guide you according to your desires and the current situation of your hair. Prosthetics, wearing a hat, turban, scarf, transition cut, etc. Your concerns are taken care of.

Step 2 – Two to three weeks after the beginning of the treatments, you will begin to notice a fall.

At this stage, a transition cut can be done by your Capilia expert. This allows for a smooth transition. We can also perform the adjustment, cutting and setting of your prosthesis, guide you on the care of your hair prosthesis at home and also, on the maintenance and protection of your weakened scalp.

Step 3 – Follow-up during treatments.

During your medical treatments, you may want to visit your Capilia center for adjustments or reconditioning of your hair prosthesis. In order to soothe your sensitized scalp, we recommend that you use the adapted Capilia Professional products. Click here to discover them.

Step 4 – Your treatments are complete. You will begin to see a regrowth approximately 2 months after the last treatment. Hair usually grows at an average rate of 6 mm per month.

You can now schedule three visits to Capilia to receive a hair care treatment that will soothe your irritated scalp and promote optimal regrowth, cut and style your regrowth and learn how to maintain and protect your scalp to promote healthy regrowth.

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