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In April, 2017 noted journalist Jean-Benoît Nadeau was putting together a special report destined to be featured in the « Planète Chauve » edition of l’Actualité magazine. The topic, hair loss.

The in-depth article provided an honest portrayal of a current, widespread affliction where 4 out of 5 men will be faced with some form of hair loss, during their lifetime. A combination of real-life accounts and expert opinions, the article presented the story of different men faced with this reality, as well as the hair and scalp treatment trends that have evolved since the first transplant in 1939.

« Baldness only affects 15 % of men under 20. The number increases to 30 % in their thirties, 40 % in their forties, 50 % in their fifties, and then up to 80 % of men who are over 70! »


Treating baldness in many different ways

For readers seeking solutions to their problem, Nadeau briefly explains the different options available on the market. He talks about micropigmentation, correction through wigs and prostheses, medication and, mostly, about surgical hair transplants. As a permanent, yet costly investment and solution to hair loss, transplants must always be suggested, and potential patients must consider budgeting for the treatment of their choice.  A hair transplant must always be conducted under meticulous, medical supervision and, obviously, this increases the final bill. It is, however, important to consider results and the fact that there’s no monthly maintenance when compared to a prosthesis. Still, the patient must be eligible for this procedure and only a physician can confirm this fact.

When speaking of medication, the report highlights advancements on behalf of Triple Hair’s clinical trials, recently authorized by the FDA in the US, and whose products will soon be distributed by Capilia.

Even if certain subjects are barely mentioned—PRP treatments, for example—the report draws a global portrait of scientific advancements and even reveals the secrets of certain celebrities that are known for their hair correction.


Capilia : a key player in the fight against hair loss

At the end of the article, in order to emphasize the importance of prevention when talking about baldness, Jean-Benoît Nadeau refers to his interview with Suzanne Donofrio, co-founder of Capilia and marketing and communications VP.

Donofrio explains, « most hair health clinics will insist on prevention because even though hair loss is irreversible once it’s begun, it’s possible to slow down its progression.». We offer general lifestyle tips for health and hygiene—monitor your stress and eat right, of course—, but we also encourage the use of shampoos and softer, less irritating products for the scalp. These products are available onsite and often sold under the Capilia brand. »


If hair loss is affecting your life or you’re interested in the subject, this article is definitely worth more than a glance. Complete and easy to understand, it covers the subject and helps guide the reader towards feasible choices.

To learn more about hair transplants, don’t hesitate to contact a Capilia center near you. They’ll guide you to your province’s transplant center.


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