Are you wondering if you have been losing more hair than usual in the past few weeks? Don’t worry, it’s not your imagination. In fact, during the seasonal changes in the spring (from mid-March to mid-May) and in the fall (from mid-September to mid-November), it is quite normal to experience an increase in hair loss. We usually lose an average of 25 to 40 hairs a day, but throughout the passage of spring and fall, we can lose up to 45 to 60. That is nothing to be concerned about, shedding hair allows for new, healthy and vigorous hair to grow. But that being said, you must still stay vigilant because regular hair loss combined with stress or other health conditions can result in much more serious effects than normal!

People who have hereditary predispositions to baldness or alopecia will even lose up to 100 hairs per day during seasonal shedding periods. A vitamin cure can help improve the regrowth of hair by activating the production of keratin (vitamin b6, amino acids). The best approach is to maximize efforts on hair regrowth after the shedding in order to recover thick and healthy hair as quickly as possible. It is also necessary to free the scalp  of deposits and residues that are keeping hair from falling normally. Hair that is separated from the root but kept on the scalp by those deposits harms the healthy regrowth of new hair by suffocating the hair follicles. The result is weakened and devitalized hair. Optimal regrowth requires a healthy scalp. Poor hair hygiene or bad products leave residues and alter this natural process. Rest assured, some solutions are offered should you find yourself losing more hair than you would like:

  1. Beauty mask

This mask is designed to help clean the scalp from dead hair, residues and deposits so that the shedding period will be shortened and the scalp will be completely purified. It also provides the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth!

The seasonal Shedding Kit is especially formulated to deeply cleanse the scalp and provide essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair regrowth. In doing so, it helps prevent temporary hair loss during seasonal shedding periods and stimulates hair growth.

Please note, if your hair loss lasts more than 3 months, it might be more than simple seasonal shedding. In this situation, we strongly recommend consulting a Capilia trichology expert to analyze and identify the cause of your situation.