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The current situation amid the Covid-19 pandemic is causing a distinct increase of stress for most people. Whether it’s on a financial, social, personal or health level, stress is, at the moment, affecting almost everyone and it is hard to find individuals who have not yet experienced deep changes to their daily lives. For some, it’s a decrease in their regular income that causes them distress while for others it’s having to work from home while the children are around. This sudden spike of stress can be harmful to our overall personal health, but can also have negative effects on the health of our hair.

You may not notice it right away, but anxiety and stress can lead, in the medium to long term, to possible hair loss or decreases in hair conditions and overall health. Indeed, physical or psychological stressors (telogen) can cause the hair follicles to simply stop working. The effects of this loss of hair will not be noticeable before 3 to 6 months after the stressful event occurred. Fortunately, the damage will not be permanent, but we certainly have to take it seriously since anyone can experience periods of anxiety and distress during their lifetime.

But please don’t panic! There are many options to help you prevent such unpleasant situations:

1.          Vitalia supplements

These supplements are specifically formulated and made with nutrients that are proven to help getting thicker and stronger hair. Their approach is for global hair care. They also help conserve hair density over time and can be used on a regular basis.

2.          Hair care kits

We can also take a look at Capilia Trichology hair care kits, which offer products that have a high concentration of 100% natural active ingredients to prevents hair loss density for men and women. Their formulas specifically target the health of the scalp and provide nutrients to the roots which help control long-term hair density.

3.       Capillus—the laser cap

Laser therapy and, more specifically, the Capillus cap is designed to prevent and fight back hair loss in order to obtain thicker hair. The effect of its low-intensity laser stimulates the blood circulation that nourishes the hair follicles and, in doing so, energizes their cells. The Capillus cap is an easy to use and portable system that allows treatments in less than 6 minutes per day. You could even do it while you’re comfortably seated in front of the television!

That being said, there are several options to help prevent damage and preserve capillary health, you simply have to take the time to assess your personal situation, be alert to the signs and take action.

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