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Did you know that it is normal to lose more hair during the fall season? This condition is called seasonal shedding.


What is seasonal shedding?

Seasonal shedding is hair loss that occurs twice a year, in the spring (mid-March to mid-May) and in the fall (mid-September to mid-November), when changing season. Like animals, our hair is also subject to react to temperature changes.

The intensity of hair loss is different from one individual to another. While one person won’t notice any difference, another can see his or her normal hair loss doubled during this period. This condition is normal, since the detached hair leaves space for new, healthy and vigorous hair.


Why do we lose more hair during these periods?

The sun generates additional production of hair growth hormones. During hot periods, the hair growth is accelerated, but decreases at the arrival of autumn. This is what causes hair loss.


What to do when we are affected by seasonal shedding?

The issue is when the scalp accumulates residues that hold hair that should have fallen. The hair is detached from the root, but retained by the deposits, prevents the new hair from growing to its full thickness and suffocates the hair follicle underneath. The result is finer and devitalized hair.


Our solutions

Optimal regrowth requires a healthy scalp. Poor hygiene or products that leave residues alter this process.

Our Beauty Mask, available in our Capilia centers, deeply cleans the scalp by removing all deposits and residues, dislodges dead hair and provides all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal growth. Book your treatment now!

The Seasonal Shedding Kit is a at-home care, formulated to thoroughly clean the scalp and provide the essential nutrients and vitamins for hair regrowth. Available on our online store!



It should be noted that if your hair loss lasts more than 3 months, it is not just a seasonal shedding. In this situation, we strongly recommend to consult a Capilia trichology expert to analyze and identify the real cause of your condition.