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Thinking about it is a first step in the right direction

Hair health is a constant concern and, for us, it is obviously essential. This is why we have prepared a short guide for you to take charge of your hair health!

A few steps towards hair that you love

1.The starting point is to know your condition. A free consultation with a Capilia expert will allow you to identify certain hair problems in order to find solutions to solve them. Most of the time, the situation is much less catastrophic than what you imagined!

2.Receiving adequate care at a Capilia center makes all the difference! Whether it is for hair loss or scalp problems, the right care exists and allows you to be satisfied with your hair.

3.Continue the care routine at home with Capilia trichology products. You can get them on our online store.

4.Visit a Capilia center each season to follow up on your situation and adapt your care routine accordingly.

With these 4 easy steps, you take action to improve your hair health, while being accompanied by professionals who know what to do to rectify your condition. So how about leaving your complex on 2021’s doorstep to adopt a plan that will lead you to the hair of your dreams?

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