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Mission: Purification and detoxification

The presence of silicone in hair products has had a bad reputation for many years. These polymers obtained by the chemical synthesis of silicone are not biodegradable. They can therefore cause a lot of damage to the environment and to the health of our hair. Even though the advancements of science have improved and silicones are of better quality than before, their presence in products is still not unanimously popular today.

Why is there silicone in some hair products?

Silicone applied on the hair makes it shiny, smoother and easy to untangle. Therefore it’s no wonder why it has been used so much in hair products since the 90s. It really has an impressive cosmetic power! However, it does its job so well that it also stops the hair fiber from breathing, as it completely suffocates the hair. In addition, when you use a shampoo that contains silicone and you get deposits on the scalp, this is where you have a real problem: polymers can accumulate and impede hair growth as well as create oily dandruff and roots.

What are the solutions?

For starters, it goes without saying that you should try using, as much as possible, products that do not contain silicones and their derivatives. Then, once a week, it’s recommended to do a deep hair cleaning using the Capilia Anti-Residue Shampoo. By doing so, this will help get rid of all the deposits left by the polymers that weigh down the hair and prevent it from growing in a healthy manner. To further rejuvenate your hair, we offer the following treatments at Capilia that can make all the difference:

Deposits Care: The name says it all! This intensive treatment is used to purify and detoxify the scalp from all deposits and residues left by styling products. A cure of youth in just 60 minutes!

Stem Care: For the ultimate experience, we combine this care with the Deposits treatment. It helps restore shine, luster and volume to the hair often dried out by chemical processes or the frequent use of coloring products.

Trust Capilia’s expertise. With the arrival of summer, it is now the perfect time to think about detoxifying your scalp!